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As I type this, the heating is turned on and I am sat in 4 different layers accompanied by a hot cup of tea. Winter is certainly here! We have had all types of weather haven’t we – snow, rain, fog and few clear, crisp blue-skied days that are a joy to behold.

The changeable British weather alongside the run up to Christmas is making us think more deeply about what winter means and how we might embrace an otherwise quite dreary season. Two things spring to mind straight away, so important they are to battling the winter blues that they have already appeared in the first paragraph – hot tea and cold, clear days. Some of our most enjoyable winter activities are not the big celebrations, but the small moments of joy:

– Catching a sunset

– Hot tea on the sofa

– Warm socks, new hats

– Frost covered grass

– Film nights

– Winter walks

– Reading in cafes

We love it! Even if large chunks of winter are also very wet and windy (that’s when the hot tea comes in handy!).

So, here are our top recommendations for books that celebrate winter in all it’s freezing glory!

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

Age range: KS2

A dazzling story of adventure, determination and love. Meet April, a young girl who is determined to save a bear she finds in the arctic after her father tells her there are no bears left. This beautiful story will make you fall in love with the cold places of the world.

Winter Sleep by Sean Taylor and Alex Moss

Age range: EYFS/KS1

Beautifully illustrated by Cinyee Chiu, this story of hibernation is a wonderful introduction in to animal behaviour in winter. We love this one because it offers fact sections about each animal.

If Winter Comes, Tell It I’m Not Here by Simona Ciraolo

Age range: KS1

I think this book will speak to many of us as we mourn the end of warm summer days and head into the colder months. However, this book is wonderful at showing us the joy that is to be had in all seasons.

Frindleswydle by Natalia O’Hara 

Age range: KS2

A truly magical book set in a frozen magical kingdom. The story follows Cora, who is desperately trying to retrieve her Grandma’s lantern. This would be a great gift as it’s a book that older children would devour in a matter of days.

For adults, we’ve shared some wonderful winter reads in an post earlier this month – Rest in the holidays – Blog Post. At this time of year, we also love to delve back in to some old classics, so books such as The Chronicles of Narnia and His Dark Materials will never be far from reach.

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