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Lunar New Year is the celebration of the New Year according to the lunar or lunisolar calendar. The event is celebrated in a variety of ways depending on the culture and specific calendar that is followed. The most widely known celebration is Chinese New Year which is taking place on 10th February.

This wonderful celebration of new beginnings is usually host to gifts, fireworks and dancing! In Chinese culture, each year is represented by a different animal from the Chinese zodiac. This year is the Year of the Dragon.

Here are our favourite books to help you and your class mark this exciting festival –

The Great Race by Christopher Corr

A very accessible re-telling of the Chinese zodiac animals, perfect for KS1

Lunar New Year Around the World by Amanda Li

For conversations about how different cultures celebrate the New Year, this is the perfect companion. Great for both KS1 and KS2.

Epic Adventures: Explore the World in 12 Amazing Train Journeys

Got a class that are raring to get out in to the world? This non-fiction offering by Sedgman takes a new view, by looking at some of the world’s most interesting sights, sounds and cultures through the eyes of classic train journeys. The book takes readers from the Arctic to India, as well as through China where it shows readers the delights of the New Year celebrations. Great KS2 choice.

All About Lunar New Year (Things to Make and Do) by Kevin Tsang

Get the scissors and glue sticks at the ready, because this beautifully illustrated book is packed with great craft ideas for celebrating Lunar New Year. It also includes tonnes of interesting information to delight all readers. Great for KS1 and KS2.

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