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Our free trial membership gives you the option to trial two of our resources so you can get a feel for how The Story Project works.

The first free trial resource is for ‘A Jat of Happiness’ by Ailsa Burrows, an excellent book that teaches children in EYFS and KS1 some basic emotion and friendship skills.

The second resource relates to ‘The Boy who Grew Flowers’ by Jennifer Wojtowicz helps KS2 children discuss and understand subjects such as body image and bullying.

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  • Free Resources

    Your free trial allows you access to two free Story Project resources.

  • Upgrade Options

    You can upgrade your free trial at any time to access hundreds of resources that use stories to teach children wellbeing skills.


Please take a look at the membership packages page and you will see links to the different types of membership options. If there are no membership options that suit your needs please contact olivia@story-project.co.uk and we can discuss a bespoke option for you.
Yes, there is FREE membership option, that allows you to trial some Story Project resources.
Yes, The Story Project can be used alongside other PSHE programmes to supplement class learning and to integrate more wellbeing learning into the curriculum. The Story Project can also be used as an intervention for children who are particularly struggling with their wellbeing. Please do get in touch if you want to discuss how The Story Project could be used at your school.

Yes, The Story Project is currently being used effectively at a number of Faith schools.
The Story Project is a non for profit organisation, so any membership contributions go towards improving The Story Project offering and achieving our vision.
The Story Project has been linked to improving children’s wellbeing and literacy. You can find out more about the impact of The Story Project on our impact page.
The whole school, key stage one and key stage two packages are all priced depending on the size of your school, to try and make the packages affordable for every school size. Please do get in touch with olivia@story-project.co.uk if you want to discuss which package would best suit your school.
The membership lasts for one year from the date of purchase and automatically renews for the following year. You will be notified when your membership is about to renew and will be given the option to cancel at any time.
You will be given one membership password per school to share between all the staff at your school. You are only permitted to share the login details with staff at your school. Any accounts with unusual levels of activity will be flagged and in breach of their membership agreement.

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