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The sun is slowly coming out of hibernation and we’re beginning to see the signs of summer ahead. It feels warmer, bees are buzzing around in their slow hazy style and the call of the ice cream truck is ringing loudly in our ears (and our stomachs!).

The coming months always conjure a wave of nostalgia for the beach, summer holidays and endless days playing outside with friends. It is a season of much celebration and joy.

So, we’ve gathered some of our favourite summer reads for children; picked for their joyful sunny themes and engaging happy characters.

Clean Up! by Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola

Age Range: EYFS/KS1

A book we’ve recommended before, because we love it! In fact, we made a free resource to go alongside the story, which you can download here.

Filled with joy and courage, this story will speak to anyone who has visited family on holiday or enjoyed a summer at the beach. Rocket is a character that inspires us to look at the impact of rubbish on our shores and shows us how we can all do our bit.

Farah Loves Mangos by Sarthak Sinha

Age Range: EYFS/KS1

A sweet and determined young girl sets out to solve the mystery of her Grandad’s mango tree. A simple and beautiful story, filled with summer joy.

What Happened to You? by James Catchpole and Karen George

Age Range: EYFS/KS1

A beautifully empathetic book about a young boy who just wants to enjoy the park. If your class are dreaming of playful days on the swings, this is a great choice. It opens up authentic conversations about access and inclusivity; promoting equal play and friendly curiosity.

Squishy McFluff: Seaside Rescue! by Pip Jones and Ella Okstad

Age Range: KS1

A silly story to match our fun summer energy! This funny rhyming book follows a young girl and her mischievous cat on a seaside adventure.

I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast: A Celebration of Plants Around the World by Michael Holland and Philip Giordano

Age Range: KS2

A fabulous non-fiction option about the power of plants. As the season changes and gardens are in full bloom, this is the perfect opportunity for learning more about their fascinating uses. We know lots of classes will be studying a plants and growing topic this term, so this is the perfect companion!

The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean by Lindsay Littleson

Age Range: KS2

Mixing summer holiday with ghost adventure, this story is bound to be a hit with Year 5 and 6 children. Highlights include relatable characters, an engaging story line and a quick-witted comedy streak.

Xanthe & the Ruby Crown by Jasbinder Bilan

Age Range: KS2

Fans of Asha and The Spirit Bird will love this newest tale by Jasbinder Bilan. Set in Nottingham, this delightful story of family, secrets and love will have your class hooked. Evoking children’s own memories of summers in the garden, it provides a great backdrop to talk about important relationships and family history.


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