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We are taking the theme quite literally this year and looking at books about our favourite topic….erm, books!

Reading is a hobby that can have a dramatic effect on our wellbeing and mental health. It provides a calming escape that relaxes both the body and the mind. Reading can be both a brilliant distraction and also a reflection of ourselves, one which allows us to process situations and emotions. Which is why, encouraging reading for pleasure in children is so important.

So, let’s celebrate World Book Day and champion the wonder that is reading!

To add to the celebrations, we have created 2 FREE lessons plan for you to use. We have chosen ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book’ by Julia Donaldson, as we think it captures the essence of books – the playfulness, wonder, comfort, calm and excitement. Both lessons are designed especially by The Story Project, to help children understand the importance of reading on their mental health and wellbeing.

Click HERE to download the free lesson plans.

For recommendations of great books about books to share with your class, you can also check out our list below. We’ve also included a few grown up suggestions too, for all the book-loving school staff out there.

For kids:

Never Show a T-Rex a Book by Rashmi Sirdeshpande

Age range: EYFS/KS1

A silly and adorable book about a dinosaur and her first experience of books.

Story Dog by Jan Fearnley

Age range: EYFS/KS1

A very sweet story about a little boy who finds it difficult to read out loud. Perfect for children who struggle to find their voice when reading.

A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston

Age range: KS1/KS2

A lyrical and imaginative book about the power of stories. If Oliver Jeffers is involved, you know it’s going to be good.

The Bookshop Cat by Cindy Wume

Age range: KS1

A story about a cat that rebuilds the children’s bookshop with the help of his friends and family. With themes of friendship and community, this book shows us the importance of working together.

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling

Age Range: KS2

A classic in any classroom; the second instalment of this enchanting series has the power of a book (well, a diary) at it’s very heart.

Little People, Big Dreams: Hans Christian Anderson

Age range: KS1/KS2

A fascinating exploration in to the life of author, Hans Christian Anderson and his love of stories and writing.

For adults:

Shelf Life – a collection of stories and musings on books, written by writers and public figures. A fascinating read if you love anything to do with books!

A Book of Book Lists – if you are fascinated by what is on other people’s bookshelves, then this is the book for you. Ever wondered which books are most commonly left in hotel rooms, or what the most borrowed books in a prison library is? Read this book to find out!

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig – may we be so bold as to say that we think this is modern-day classic? It’s millions of copies sold suggest that it possibly is. Such a simple yet beautiful story that will transform your way of thinking, and make you fall in love with books and their power all over again.



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