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December feels as though it is flying past already!

Olivia has her tree up now and she thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about Christmas memories after reading the first book in our advent – Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht. Fiona has promised to put the tree up this weekend, a whole week earlier than planned! She is admittedly feeling much more festive after seeing her daughter’s nativity yesterday morning…

To all the school staff organising nativities this week and next, we salute you! The dedication, patience and enthusiasm you must have to put on such wonderful performances is incredible. Judging the smiling faces of the kids and the tears in the grown ups eyes, we would say all the hard work is worth it!

For our second choice of Christmas book, we have gone with ‘A Boy Called Christmas’ by Matt Haig and illustrated by Chris Mould. This book is one for the adventurous types, it is brimming with edge-of-your-seat action as the story twists and turns through Nicholas’ quest to find his father. In fact Nicholas has a lot of the values that nativity-organising-staff have – dedication, patience and enthusiasm! The spirit of Christmas shines through in this tale, showing us that we can all bring a little joy to each other’s lives if only we believe in the magic.

We also love the appearance of The Truth Pixie, who helps Nicholas out and provides a little extra chaos on the way. Fans of Matt Haig will note that The Truth Pixie features in her own story; another brilliant children’s book to add to your list.

If you have a KS2 class and want a book that will hold their attention, even on the rainiest of December days, then this is the one for you. Enjoy!

Where to Buy – A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig

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