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Energy Saving Week is 17th to 23rd January and we are delighted to share with you some excellent books to help children discuss energy, recycling and climate change.

As a current and relevant topic in the news, many children may already be familiar with some of these conversations. Have a chat with your class and see what their thoughts are. The discussion may even lead to a class project or idea to help reduce energy waste in your school. What are the benefits to saving energy – for children, for school and for the planet?

These topics can be very emotive, and children may feel passionately about taking action. This is a great opportunity to talk about determination, resilience, cooperation, patience and understanding. All the books featured in this list have characters that embody these qualities; all go through an emotional or internal struggle with right and wrong. As a well-being activity, talk to the children about how these global issues make them feel and what they can do to understand these emotions.

As global issues become more and more accessible through the further spread of social media, it is important that we help our children to process emotions related to topics that may upset them. Being able to protect their own well-being and mental health in these scenarios is fast becoming a vital component of a safe and cohesive life online.

5 books for your classroom in Energy Saving Week 2024

We hope you enjoy our recommendations. Our links will take you to, which is an online site that supports independent book sellers in the U.K., but we also recommend a hunt around charity shops and second hand book shops for other great titles.

Clean Up by Nathan Bryon

Age range: KS1

A sweet story of of a girl who visits her grandparents, only to discover that the beach they love is filled with rubbish! What can the community do to help clear the beach of harmful trash?

Sona Sharma, Looking After Planet Earth by Chitra Soundar

Age range: KS1 and KS2

When Sona learns about the climate crisis in class one day, she is determined to help out. But to her dismay many of the things around Sona are not environmentally friendly. Can she persuade her friends and family to change their habits without upsetting her community? This is a lovely tale to help children understand the power of action.

The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare by Zillah Bethell

Age range: KS2

A fascinating chapter book set in a dystopian future, where water is quickly running out and the planet is in desperate need of help. Can Auden, a young 11 year old boy with a rare medical condition, over come friendship challenges and the discovery of a robot in the shed at the bottom of the garden, to discover what is really going on? A fantastic pick for Year 6, with plenty of adventure and mystery.

The Robber Raccoon by Lou Kuenzier

Age range: EYFS

A fun and delightfully illustrated book that young children will adore. The story follows the tale of a mischievous thief, Rosie Raccoon, who is up to no good…or is she? A great first look at the important of recycling and a wonderful way to talk to children about why it is important.

The Song of the Dolphin Boy by Elizabeth Laird

Age range: KS2

A wonderfully pleasant story about Finn, a young boy of yearns to be in the sea. When he plucks up the courage to dive in, he is faced with the horrible reality that his beloved dolphins are under threat from pollution. This story is thought-provoking and engaging, a great way to open up a discussion about conservation.

Further resources and reading

Energy Saving Schools Challenge – Energy Saving Trust


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