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This year, Children’s Mental Health Week is celebrating the theme ‘My Voice Matters’.

We love this theme because we believe that being able to express our thoughts and to feel seen and understood has a significant impact on our mental health and well-being. When we feel our voice makes a difference, it can increase our confidence, self-esteem and ability to make positive changes for ourselves and those around us.

Helping children to appreciate their own and others’ voices is, therefore, a big part of supporting their mental health as the grow older.

To celebrate the theme ‘My Voice Matters’ we wanted to create a special resource that helps teachers encourage discussion of this important topic. We have approached the theme from two different but equally important perspectives; 1. the power that our voices hold to create positive action, and 2. how difficult it can be when we do not feel confident to share our voices.

Following our unique STORY structure, we have created 4 lessons that will inspire children to think about their own voice, why it matters and strategies to help themselves and others when speaking out feels hard.

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