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We all know how important wellbeing is. But as a teacher myself, I understand the huge pressures that schools are under to deliver on outcomes. That’s why we’ve created a ready-to-use curriculum, complete with lesson plans and teaching resources.

We view wellbeing as a set of social and emotional skills and tools that is learned and practised throughout life. To teach this, we’ve put stories centre stage and have based our materials around books that are already being used in the classroom, making it easier to prioritise academic and emotional literacy at the same time.

Join us and use the magic of children’s stories to inspire lifelong wellbeing.

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How the Story Project works with Schools

Working with
primary schools

We’re passionate about putting stories at the heart of children’s wellbeing practices.

Our evidence shows that stories are an important tool in teaching social and emotional literacy, yet many schools aren’t using them to their full advantage. That’s why we’ve created a ready-to-use curriculum of lesson plans and resources to deliver meaningful and impactful emotional literacy outcomes.

Designed by teachers, for teachers, and rooted in the very latest research, our materials will inspire the next generation to learn and practise wellbeing skills, making healthier choices for themselves and others, now and into adulthood.

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Wellbeing, PSHE, RSHE and Emotional

We’ve got it covered

We know that schools are dedicated to delivering positive wellbeing outcomes. Our ready-to-use curriculum covers all the statutory and recommended PSHE, RSHE and emotional literacy skills. It’s been designed by teachers, for teachers, intended for use either as a standalone resource, or in conjunction with other PSHE packages. It is based around stories already enjoyed in classrooms, making it easier to prioritise emotional and academic literacy at the same time, without compromising on results.

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Emotional Literacy

We’re not just about ticking boxes

We want every lesson to go deeper and really make a difference. By focusing on the experiences of fictional characters, children are able to explore complex issues in a safe and contained framework. It’s a tried and tested approach, backed by lots of evidence and proven to improve wellbeing skills.

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The Story Project training

Our training and support is an important part of what we offer. All our products come with a user guide to help you achieve maximum impact in the classroom. In addition, we can provide bespoke training, held in person, online or as part of a group with other schools.

Coming soon – we will also show you how to apply our unique STORY lesson structure to any story, allowing you to turn any children’s book into a wellbeing lesson.

Teacher benefits

  • Covering the curriculum

    The Story Project resources not only cover all the statutory requirements for PSHE, RSHE and recommended emotional literacy requirements, but also other curriculum requirements for wellbeing, such as British Values and other school values.

  • Inspection requirements

    Using The Story Project resources helps schools reach requirements for OFSTED, SIAMS and Catholic Schools Inspection frameworks. It showcases how reading and literacy is promoted across the curriculum and how the personal development needs of pupils are fulfilled.

  • Diversity and inclusion

    Exposing children to a diverse range of engaging characters and role models is an important part of improving diversity and inclusion. The Story Project has worked hard to ensure that books used in our curriculum reflect the diversity of our classrooms across the UK.

  • Saves time

    Using stories to teach wellbeing skills allows you to prioritise academic and emotional literacy at the same time. 100% of teachers who use our resources say The Story Project has helped reduce planning time.

  • A safe approach

    Basing lessons around stories makes it easier and safer to tackle complex issues. It focuses the discussion around a character’s experiences rather than children having to reveal their own.

Pupil benefits

  • Better life chances

    Studies show that improving students’ wellbeing can boost academic success by as much as 11% to 17%. This in turn results in better life chances.

  • An inclusive approach

    Children from low socio-economic backgrounds are 3 times more likely to experience mental health challenges. By using The Story Project resources in the classroom, all children have the chance to learn and practise lifelong wellbeing skills.

  • Engaging

    Our diverse range of stories captures the imagination of even the most reluctant readers, engaging them with relevant and meaningful subjects.

  • Safe and containing

    By focusing on the experiences of fictional characters, children are able to explore and discuss complex wellbeing issues safely, and can speak openly without having to reveal personal information.

  • Improved literacy skills

    Good literacy is the gateway to achievement in all subjects. The Story Project has been created in consultation with English teachers, incorporating guided reading questioning to develop literacy skills as well as improving wellbeing skills.

Join the Story Project

We’d love you to be part of our community using children’s stories to inspire lifelong wellbeing practice.

We offer a range of packages to suit all schools and budgets. Costs are based on pupil numbers, ensuring even the smallest of schools can join. And all our packages also include access to training and support.

You can also become a member to stay up to date with our news and receive regular updates and add-ons as we evolve and grow.

Free Trial

Try out The Story Project by accessing 2 complete lesson resources, for KS1 and KS2.


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Whole School

PHSE and Emotional Literacy curriculum for the whole school, 42 complete lesson resources for YR to Y6, Bonus “Starting School” lesson resources plus The Story Project training.

From: £375.00 / year

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Key Stage 1

PHSE and Emotional Literacy curriculum for KS1, 18 complete lesson resources for YR to Y2, Bonus “Starting School” lesson resources plus The Story Project training.

From: £175.00 / year

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Key Stage 2

PHSE and Emotional Literacy curriculum for KS2, 24 complete lesson resources for Y3 to Y6, Bonus “Starting School” lesson resources plus The Story Project training.

From: £225.00 / year

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Our training and support are included when you purchase any of our packages. You’ll also receive updates and add-ons free of charge for 12 months (excluding the free trial). After this time, you can choose either to download the resources you’ve paid for, or subscribe for a minimal annual fee to continue accessing the members’ area and to receive all the latest updates and resources.

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Making an Impact

Our users are our strongest advocates. Here, we proudly present the voices of children, teachers and parents who are already part of The Story Project community.

"My reception class have absolutely adored the texts" Primary School Teacher,

My reception class have absolutely adored the texts. They have remembered all of the characters they’ve met through the emotions/stories linked to them. They love our Story Project display board and we make links to key words frequently. They are fully engaged in the range of activities linked to each week. We use our visual emotions chart which has really helped with their vocabulary. We all love it!

"These lessons really capture his attention" Parent,

My son always talks about his Story Project lessons, he loves them! He struggles to engage with most subjects at school because he is very hyperactive, but these lessons really capture his attention. During the lockdown when you were delivering the lessons online, we would do them together and I learnt lots of tips too to manage my covid stress! I am so happy you cover these subjects at school.

"A Story Calms the Chaos!" Year 6 child,

Having a story in our wellbeing lesson helps us to relate to what we are learning. Seeing how people deal with their problems in the stories, helps me to think of ways to deal with my problems: Like when the Drum Dream Girl keeps going it makes me want to keep going. Using stories in wellbeing is also quite relaxing, as we are usually rushing around at lunchtime and when we come in for wellbeing- having a story calms the chaos. It's also nice because if I'm sad or cross, I can escape into the story.

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If you are interested in joining The Story Project, or want to find out more, please get in touch.

Contact: olivia@story-project.co.uk or fill in the form below.


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    Common Enquiries

    You’ll no doubt have a few questions, and we’re more than happy to talk these through with you. But for starters, we’ve answered some of the most common enquiries here.

    Please take a look at the membership packages page and you will see links to the different types of membership options. If there are no membership options that suit your needs please contact olivia@story-project.co.uk and we can discuss a bespoke option for you.
    Yes, there is FREE membership option, that allows you to trial some Story Project resources.
    Yes, The Story Project can be used alongside other PSHE programmes to supplement class learning and to integrate more wellbeing learning into the curriculum. The Story Project can also be used as an intervention for children who are particularly struggling with their wellbeing. Please do get in touch if you want to discuss how The Story Project could be used at your school.

    Yes, The Story Project is currently being used effectively at a number of Faith schools.
    The Story Project is a non for profit organisation, so any membership contributions go towards improving The Story Project offering and achieving our vision.
    The Story Project has been linked to improving children’s wellbeing and literacy. You can find out more about the impact of The Story Project on our impact page.
    The whole school, key stage one and key stage two packages are all priced depending on the size of your school, to try and make the packages affordable for every school size. Please do get in touch with olivia@story-project.co.uk if you want to discuss which package would best suit your school.
    The membership lasts for one year from the date of purchase and automatically renews for the following year. You will be notified when your membership is about to renew and will be given the option to cancel at any time.
    You will be given one membership password per school to share between all the staff at your school. You are only permitted to share the login details with staff at your school. Any accounts with unusual levels of activity will be flagged and in breach of their membership agreement.

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    We believe in a future where all children have the tools, skills and knowledge they need to practise life-long wellbeing, making healthier choices for themselves and others.

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